FitPlot Demo

FitPlot Demo is a complete version of the application FitPlot except for a watermark impressed on prints and outputs and makes the app professionally unusable just on the last step.

You can try to get what you need with FitPlot Demo and only when you will be sure that FitPlot is ok for your purposes, purchase the full version.

FitPlot Lite

FitPlot Lite icon

It is available also a low cost variant of the programm called FitPlot Lite.
FitPlot Lite allows the effective use of the program, even if without some of the specialized features that we can find only in the full version.

FitPlot Lite is a limited version of FitPlot, available at a low price from the  Mac App Store (click on the black push button).

In the Lite version some features are disabled, such as:

  • Booklets Imposition
  • Business Cards Imposition
  • Pagination / Poster
  • Nesting / Packing
  • Resize images to photo standard's sizes
Moreover, in case of documents with more than one page, you'll be able to print / export just the first one.

FitPlot Beta

This is a pre-release of FitPlot 6.3 that will cease to work on december 10 (midnight, Greenwich time).

Please send feedback to [email protected]

Note: in order to run this beta, the program itself needs to connect to to check the expiry date. So you will not be able to run this beta unless you are connected to internet and you are not past the expiration date. Disclaimer

What's new in this beta:

  • Shortcuts menu for the packing / nesting functions (as suggested by user ericsoup) Now menus with predefined settings has made available both in Tools menu and in contextual menu.
    The old dialog is still available for detailed settings.
  • Also, ericsoup complained that margins sizes were not set automatically. This has been partially fixed: at first run FitPlot takes margins from the default printer (if any). The next time FitPlot will be launched, margins are taken from the last used ones (unless you start from a template, that is definitely the best way to store and use your printer settings).
    The same behaviour is adopted for min and max page sizes (indispensable for packing / nesting with paper of variable size).
  • Contact sheet: this is a new nesting feature useful for quick layout of pictures. Images are disposed in grids of rows x columns.
    Also here you'll have a menu shortcut for quick options such as 3x3, 4x4 etc. and a dialog where you can set all the options by hand.