Serial Duplication

Useful to replicate more copies of the same image (visiting cards, invitation cards etc.).
Choose serial duplication from menu Modify -> Serial duplicate… or from the toolbar Duplica in serie.
The following dialog will appear:

duplication dialog

Enter the number of copies in horizontal and in vertical and set horizontal and vertical distances between copies.
Offset distances are preset, for convenience, with the width/height value of the object to replicate, to obtain contiguos copies. In case of multipage PDFs, if you wish, click on the checkbox to increase the page number at each copy. Each produced copy will have the page number increased by 1 with the numbering flowing from left to right and from top to bottom.

Note: this tool works on all selected objects, not just one.
The distance values, in case of more objects selected, are inherited from the super-selected element (the one with the orange ring, see here).