CLUT Filter Samples

Here below you see a grid of pictures where the top-left one (tagged "Neutral") is the original. To the others we have applied the CLUT (color lookup table) effect, available in the Image Adjust Panel (see picture #1)

Each image has a tag that associate the applied effect with the item selected in the popup (see picture #2).

Other filters are on the go for future versions

The pictures in this page are copyrighted by
©2016 Paolo Marcuccetti
All Rights Reserved

1. The image adjust panel
Image Adjust Panel
2. The menu of the available 35 color effects
the CLUT effects menu

SAMPLE #1 (from 1915 to Burn)

samples page 1, neutral, 1915, 1940, 2Strip, Amsterdam, Azul, Black & White, Blue Orange, Brownie, Burn

SAMPLE #2 (from Cold to Green-Vs-Red)

samples page 2, Neutral, Cold, Contrasted, Cyanography, Enhance, Fashion, Film Muto, Gray Infrared, Gray X Ray, Green Vs Red

SAMPLE #3 (from Greenery to Sepia)

samples page 3, Neutral, Greenery, Moon, Negative, Night Visor, Old Town, Planet X, Poster, Red, Sepia

SAMPLE #4 (from Seventies to Yellowish)

samples page 4, Neutral, Seventies, Siesta, Sky, Solarize, Terra di Siena, Vintage, Warm, Yellowish