Revert Stack Order

This menu command [Tools -> Arrange -> Invert Stack Order] reverts the disposition order of the images of the same size inserted in a FitPlot document.
Each image has a positioning level (starting from 0, the lower) that, if not modified later, corresponds to the chronological order of insertion.
Of course the first inserted image is the one at level zero and moving another image (added later) over it will hide the overlapped areas.
To invert the stack order (that is the array of images) move the frontest image on the back and viceversa.

What the invert stack order is here for?
Let's suppose we have to insert a bunch of pictures in FitPlot (to layout and print). Our pictures are contained in a folder and they have an alphanumeric, progressive file name (for example pict001.jpg, pict002.jpg, ecc. until pict099.jpg).

As you should know, FitPlot is able to insert the whole contents of a folder either via the menu File->Insert or dropping the folder onto a FitPlot document sheet.
When you insert a folder in this way, files are imported in alphanumeric order (as they appears in the folder when ordered by file name), so, in the end you'll get pict001.jpg at the bottom of the stack, while pict099.jpg will be on top.
When you'll do the packing (after adjusting sizes, rotations etc.) you should see the pictures ordered from pict099.jpg (first picture of the first page) to pict001.jpg (last picture of the last page) (figure 1).

It is sufficient to choose the menu Tools -> Arrange -> Invert Stack Order then re-execute the packing. This time the images will be correctly ordered in the original alphanumeric order (figure 2).

Important: in order to get this correctly working, you have to narrow down the heuristic algorithm options only to the BLF (that is checked by default, since FitPlot 5.8 version) in the preferences panel, "Nesting" tab.

Uso comando inverti stack (prima)

Figure 1 - The order is reversed

Uso comando inverti stack (dopo)

Figure 2 - The order is correct!

Here's a video to show the usage of "Reverse Stack Order" command. You can find this and other videos of the series "FitPlot lessons" on YouTube at FitPlot YouTube Channel