Photorealistic renderings

Planning, 3D modeling, materials research, put the lights ON and shot! From imagination to "virtual" reality.

NPR (Non Photorealistic Rendering)

A touch of art sometimes is more eye-catching than try to simulate the perfection.

Kitchen rendering

A rendering of a classy kitchen.

CAD art

Using the CAD 2D/3D tools and a NPR renderings I can obtain a captivating sketch like this.

Icons and programs

A need on my daily job let me the way to experience the art of programming. These are my apps on the Mac App Store: FitPlot and Plumb-Bob. I have cured them all, design, icons GUI, translations, web sites and all it was needed to get a place on the Mac App Store.

Photo retracing

Starting from an iconic photo, this logo was fully drawn in vectors by hand. In this way we obtained a vectorial image resizable as we like and still modifiable (see the black and white logo reduction).

A rendering

This is a photorealistic rendering of a bar. It is part of a campaign where a new logo were required. See the next picture…

A logo

This was the final logo used in the marketing campaign (leaflet) and for the corporate image (letterheads, price list etc.).

A leaflet

This was the final leaflet for a marketing campaign, you can see here the drawing in plan and the renderings realized, joined with the corporate logos in a captivating and fresh summery layout.

A price list

Still in the same campaign, I have been instructed to draw up a price list with technical drawings (sections and 3d wireframe) of various furnishing components.

Corporate Identity

Study of the logo and 360° corporate identity needs. Included web site, promotional video, signboard, vehicle decoration and, of course, letterheads and business cards, as usual.

Digital paint

The main pictures used for these placards were obtained retracing pictures with a graphic pen and a digital painting app (ArtRage).


Another example of vectorial logo in color and B&W, with some compositions for placards and leaflets.

Logo Study

Study of logo for a synchronised swimming team. The chosen one is the central, it is a stylish retracing of a true picture.

Other stuff

Another variety of works made in Illustrator / Photoshop.