This script uses an adaptive path filling algorithm.
Similar algorithms are used by the robots lawn movers or vacuum cleaners to figure out coverage in the most efficient way possible.
In our case the created paths can be easily used for CNC milling, generally exporting them as DXF.


Open your Vectorworks® document, import (with the resource editor) the script named CNC Milling contained in the downloaded file "(CNC Milling.vwx)" into an existing (or a new) script palette in your document.


The usage is very simple:

  1. Double click the CNCMilling script
  2. The following dialog appears:
    CNC Millings dialog
  3. Here you have to define the diameter of the milling knife you are going to use
  4. Click on the shape that has to be path covered, wait a while and see the result
  5. The paths are created in red, in a class named "CNCMilling-Øxx" where "xx" is the diameter you typed in the previous dialog
  6. Repeat the same on any other shape and export the paths to your CNC machine in the required file type. That's all!


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