This script uses an algorithm for perspective transformation applied to Vectorworks® entities such as lines, 2D points and polygons


Open your Vectorworks® document, import (with the resource editor) the scripts contained in the downloaded file "Perspective Rectify.vwx" into an existing (or a new) script palette in your document.


Since it is not possible to distort images inside Vectorworks®, you can import your perspective image, then trace lines, polygons and points of the elements of the picture that are lying on the same plane (for example, on a wall façade, trace bounds and openings).

Remember that you have to know, in advance, at least 4 not-collinear points coordinates in the real world, on the same plane to rectify. For example, it is sufficient to know the size of a rectangular opening (door or window), if you know that is 100 cm wide and 200 cm high, your key points are, in clockwise order, {0,0}, {0,200}, {100,200} and {100,0}.

Tip: Points's wider distances will yield a better precision.

Once ready, select all the traced elements, then:

  1. Double click the perspective rectify script
  2. Click on the first key point
  3. The following dialog appears:
    perspective rectify dialog
  4. Here you have to give, one by one, the real values {x,y} of the indicated points
  5. Repeat the same for the remaining points
  6. In the end, you should get a rectification of your elements, getting real distances on a plan view!


If you need perspective rectification on pictures, outside Vectorworks®, I have developed an application for Mac that do it!.

Plumb-Bob includes lens distortion correction, image adjust, resampling to scale and a site with tip and tricks.

You can get Plumb-Bob on the Mac App Store



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