Before to begin installation, remove any previous installation, that is remove the files Weight info.vsm and specificWeightsTable.txt from wherever they are (user or app plugins folder).

  1. In your downloaded file you'll get italian and english localisations.
  2. Choose the one you prefer and copy the contained “Weight info” folder and all it contains (“specificWeightTable.txt” and “Weight info.vsm”) into the Vectorworks® plugin folder.
  3. Start (or restart) Vectorworks® and modify the current scheme or create a new one, then add the Weight Info menu to the Instrument menu (or wherever you want).
  4. Close the scheme editor, now you should see the new created menu.


  1. Choose the Weight Info menu then click on a 3D object. A dialog as in figure 1 appears.
  2. The first popUp lets you choose the units for calculation between lb/cubic foot and Kg/cubic decimeter.
  3. The second popUp lets you choose from the list of materials available. As you change material you will see imediately the weight in the choosen units.
    The first material on the list (Custom) let you specify a custom specific weight in the only one field.
  4. Check the “write result on drawing” to have a “sign” (fig. 2) on the selected object.
  5. Click next button if you have other objects to inspect.
  6. Click Quit or choose an empty area of your drawing with the mouse to terminate.

Figure 1
Weight Info Choices Dialog
Figure 2
Weight Info Note on Drawing


The plugin source is open, feel free to modify it as you want. In that case the author shall not be responsible of consequences.
Even the table of specific weights is editable. The syntax is:

  • name of material
  • Tab key [⇥]
  • specific weight in kg/dm3, using “.” as decimal separator
    Brick, chrome 2.800
    Brick, common red 1.920
    Brick, fire clay 2.400
    Brick, magnesia 2.560
    Brick, silica 2.048
  • Note: you can see some lines with "- ⇥ 0", these lines are used as separators in the menu materials list.


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