XPlosion includes tools for the following operations:

  • Explode entities
  • Implode entities (restore original model)
  • Save Entities positions
  • Move (Nudge) entities along x, y and z axes
  • Explode to Saved positions
  • Use layer mode instead of screen mode to place "isometric" quotes


  1. Place the just downloaded XPlosion folder into your Vectorworks® plugin folder with all the files contained in it.
  2. Start (or restart) Vectorworks®.
  3. Modify the current scheme or create a new one, then add the menu tools to the Instrument menu (or wherever you want) and the plugins for the nudge actions in a new palette. You find all the set under the category "Explosion".
    • xplode - assign.vsm
    • xplode - detach.vsm
    • xplode - expl. to saved....vsm
    • xplode - explode 3D....vsm
    • xplode - implode....vsm
    • xplode - save position....vsm
    • xplode - select....vsm
    Plugins actions:
    • xplode - nudge X-.vs
    • xplode - nudge X+.vst
    • xplode - nudge Y-.vst
    • xplode - nudge Y+.vst
    • xplode - nudge Z-.vst
    • xplode - nudge Z+.vst
  4. Close the scheme editor, now you should see the new created menus and palette.


  1. Select all the entities composing the whole object to "explode". Group the elements you want not to be separated in the exploded view.
  2. Select the xplode - Assign menu and assign a name in the dialog appearing (fig. 1).
    Figure 1
    XPlosion assign dialog
    You'll be requested to click on one element of the selection. That object will be used as "center of gravity" by the xplode-Explode 3D… menu (fig. 2).
    Figure 2
    XPlosion explode 3D dialog
  3. Now you can move around each piece as you like, either by hand or using the above mentioned xplode-Explode 3D…, or finely positioning pieces along x, y and z axis using the nudge actions.
  4. Once you are happy with the view, just save the position, obviously using the xplode-Save position… menu.
  5. Now you can easily switch from imploded to exploded positions and back using the xplode-Explode to saved… and xplode-Implode menus.
  6. The assign command has an "inverse" operation, xplode-Detach to remove the membership of each object of the explosion.
  7. Finally there is xplode-Select to select each member of a given explosion set.
  8. Quotes: it's easy when in isometric views, to use layer mode instead of screen mode to place "isometric" quotes.


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