Open-minded, eclectic and curious. This is how I define myself. From the earth of Leonardo Da Vinci, but without its genius ;-), I have inherited the spirit of discover typical of the tuscany people. Mac user since the 90s I have lived the typography transition toward the digital era. Milestones such as PageMaker, Freehand, the early Photoshop have been my first tools in the computer world. Years later I embraced the more technical CAD design where I worked since the 2001, in both 2D and 3D environments, with some escape in the programming world. I am currently present with three successful apps on the Mac App Store. I am managing their relative graphic design, interface, english translation and their web responsive sites.



Printer Companion

This is the flagship in my developer career. The first idea of FitPlot went in 2006. Having everyday to do with large format printings, I had this glimps to make a "layout to print" application just for personal use. It worked so well I was encouraged implementing new features and make FitPlot available to public.

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Perspective Rectifier

What it does is both simple and unique. It's a perspective rectifier for your Mac which takes an odd shape from a photo and turns it into, well, the correct shape. This makes it a very good tool for designers, real estate agents, building contractors, or anyone who needs a metric photographic survey done from photos which cannot yield the proper perspective.

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Vectorworks® plugins and scripts

This is a list of plugins and scripts I have developed for Vectorworks®, the design and BIM software with more than half a million users around the world. I share these softwares free of charge, though a little PayPal contribution is very welcome

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Services and collaborations

If you need problem solving or advices on your Vectorworks® workflow, even if you need help for your work, my skills, professionalism and seriousness are at your disposal in the fields I can compete.

Vectorworks® scripting

Is there, in your daily work with VW®, some boring and repetitive task? This is the right time to find out if there is a solution. Vectorworks® is completely scriptable; it is possible to create objects or perform actions and calculations programmatically.

Object libraries

Many manufacturers are creating 3D files of their products, to be used in architectural renderings or to be part of the increasing BIM libraries available online. If you need to create / convert 2D/3D objects for Vectorworks® I am here to help you.


Photorealistic and non-photorealistic (NPR) renderings. I am specialized in barrooms, restaurants, pastry shops and interior design.


Logos vectorization / reconstruction with conversion in VW®, DWG, DXF or any other vector file, to be used with CNC / laser cut / vinyl cutters devices.

Perspective rectify

The perspective plane of a picture is transformed in a perfect plan view. This is possible thanks to the application made by myself and available on the Mac App Store:

Do you use large format printer?

Save time and paper with a smart use of the printing area thanks to the application made by myself and available on the Mac App Store: