The moulding plugins are a set of tools that take advantage of the built-in Vectorworks® “extrude along path” bringing an easy to learn user interface, a vaste parameter customization and a well furnished Moulding Library (brought here thanks to Matthew Swett who has converted to Vectorworks® polylines and polygons the collection coming from the New England Classic® Molding line).
Despite the “extrude along path”, you can easily edit your creations:

PDF Manual

An exhaustive manual in PDF and EPUB format is available to download or consult to get info about installation, usage and customizations.

Note: these plugins comes both in italian and english localisations. You'll find both in the downloaded folder. Just use the language you prefer and follow the installation instructions in the relative PDF manual.

Mouldings plugins manual

Version 5

The new version works only with Vectorworks® 2022 and includes new features and new profiles. Older version (IV) work with Vectorworks® 2019 (see note*), 2020, 2021.

Mouldings Plugins v.5
  1. moulding 2D Moulding on 2D Path
  2. path to moulding 2Dx 2D Path to Moulding
  3. moulding 3D Moulding on 3D Path
  4. path to moulding 3D NURBS to Moulding
  5. frame Frame (Rectangular)
  6. siding Siding
  7. corner Corner
  8. frames array Frames (Array)
  9. profile to file Save Profile to File cpf
  10. Canneté Canneté   New!
  11. Canneté Calculation   New!
  12. Siding Calculation   New!

Dialog to browse the library

Choose your profile from the 2300+ profiles in the library.


Full control on profiles

All parametric objects shares the same set of variables regarding the profiles.


A couple of examples…


version IV.2:

  • Some bug fixing.
  • New profiles libraries including Fox and Paramount mouldings.
  • Version for Vectorworks® 2021 (tested).
  • Updated the MouldingsLib.vwx file and the rebuild library script.

version IV.3:

Same as previous IV.2 version, just published on Gumroad® in Italian and German localisations.

version IV.4:

  • Now profiles are embedded (as symbols) on all plugin objects. This allows to use profiles even where the source library is unavailable (previously, opening the file on another computer, caused an error since profiles were not found at the saved path).
  • Now it is possible to create and use profiles containing holes!
  • Fixed some problem with the Mouldings on 3D path.
  • Simplified the dialog to choose profiles in the document (Browse Imported Profiles button).

version IV.5:

  • The library dialog has been dramatically sped up! Also libraries and symbols are now correctly sorted.
  • New library organisation: Basic Profiles folder (containing the mandatory profiles) renamed (previously was named Classic); New England Classic folder now gathers the previously scattered libraries and symbols.
  •  New! Lenoble Lumber (Lenoble Lumber Mouldings Catalogue)
  •  New! Real Cedar (sidings) (https://www.realcedar.com/siding/)
  • Updated the script in MouldingsLib to rebuild the library.
  • Bug fixed in the Sidings plugin.
  • Updated the price (for new users) now starting from €25.

version IV.6:

  • Version for Vectorworks® 2022 (tested).
  • Added the Mouldings catalog, a pdf file, complete with searchable indexes, that can be consulted and printed for a quick reference of all profiles included in the package. The catalog is available both in A4 and Letter page sizes.
  • Added the ability to choose attributes by class or either override fills and lines with the attribute palette.

    More complex plugins (frames etc.), where more than just one class is required, will take attributes of their individual parts from their given classes (in OIP see classes popup for each part) unless you choose different fills or lines in the attributes panel.
    In that case the plugin object attributes will be used for all classes.

    About textures and renderings, in the OIP rendering tab, choosing:
    • None: will use the solid color fills as above said
    • Class Texture: will use each class texture (whenever set)
    • Texture: selecting a (custom) texture from the ones present in the document, will cause that texture to be applied to the whole parts of the object
    You can control, as always, some of the texture parameters (scale, rotation etc.) for each part (where available) of the plugin object in the OIP, see texture controls.

version 5:

Release date: 2022 June, 20th
  1. Version only for Vectorworks® 2022 (tested).
  2. New profiles libraries:
  3. New Plugin object named Canneté Cannetè meaning a particular decorative technique characterized by a series of narrow repetitive half rounds / grooves / rects along a path.
  4. New menu tool Canneté Calculation to compute canneté elements in the current layer, subdivided by section's size.
    User can give the length of the rod the elements are cut from and the program returns the number of rods needed, along with a detailed cuts list.
  5. New menu tool Siding Calculation to compute sidings elements. As the above, but for sidings elements.
  6. All plugins objects include material control (a check box), as well as a better management of the textures (in the texture panel of the OIP).
    Classes support is still available, of course.
  7. Frame (Rectangular) plugin (and Frames (Array) plugin) now include the 'None' item in the frame profile popup.
  8. Frame (Array): new Rail at base (extra) parameter, to increase just the rail at base.
    Also you can have a Frame (Array) object with styles and rails without necessarily set a frame, just set the frame profile to "None" in the profile popup (see above).
  9. Improved path management for PIOs using paths, such Moulding on 2D Path and Moulding on 3D Path.
    You can easily import / exchange paths choosing from a wide variety of objects (lines, rects, arcs, polygons, polylines etc.).
    You can also use the tools NURBS to Moulding or 2D Path to Moulding to convert many kind of objects (lines, rects, arcs, polygons, polylines etc.) respectively into Moulding on 3D path or Moulding on 2D path plugin objects.
    Especially for Mouldings on 3D path, you can draw / compose 2d shapes in a 3D working plane (for example a rectangle onto a door panel), then create a moulding out of it!
  10. Bug fixing. Error founds have been corrected.

version 5.1:

Release date: 2022 July, 15th

Note: this update is only for Vectorworks 2022.

  1. Materials rule the fill aspects over classes.
    When material is selected, the fill attribute is taken from the material one and it is not possible to change it with the attributes panel (fill attribute in the panel is disabled, the same behavior you get when applying material to an extrusion).
  2. Moulding on 2D Path plugin:
    The "Only 2D" checkbox has been eliminated. The 3D part is always created.
    "Show Details (2D)" checkbox has been added.
    OFF (default): only the footprint of the plugin object is showed (in 2D Plan view)
    ON: an "hidden line" view of the plugin object (as seen from top) is shown.
  3. Moulding on 2D Path plugin
    Moulding on 3D Path plugin
    2D Path to Moulding
    NURBS to Moulding
    These plugins (and tools) have been very improved in their Import / Exchange paths (buttons) and path to mouldings:
    Now you can select rects, arcs and other 2D types
    About 3D path, you can select the above types also when drawn in 3D plans
    Selections works well also in 3D view
    Occasional crashes when exchanging path should have been fixed
  4.  New! Added rain gutter profiles in the libraries (from Rutland Gutter Supply).
    The rain gutters should be used with the Mouldings on 2D path or the Moulding on 3D path plugins. No end caps, downspouts or brackets are created.
    If you need a more specialised tool for this, there is the excellent Gutters plugin by AFDesign that has many more options, also includes an optional free downspouts plugin.
  5. Corrected alphabetical order in the profiles library dialog (now it's case insensitive)
  6. Fixed occasional script error message when changing certain profiles.
  7. Minor improvements and fixings

(*) Note on versions: Plugins for versions of Vectorworks® prior to 2020 can no more be tested (from me), so they can not be more updated.
Versions 5+ are compatible only starting with Vectorworks® 2022, since the materials controls implementation requires VW2022+.
Localised version (German and Italian) may differ from the table below, please refer to the release notes.

Version references table
Vectorworks® version Latest Mouldings Plugins version
2019 IV.2
2020 IV.5
2021 IV.5
2022 5, 5.1
2023 5, 5.1 (still to update libraries file and to test)

Get it!

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Mouldings are available in these languages versions:

Important note on localised versions:
Currently Italian version is dated to the version IV.3.
Currently German version is dated to IV.3 (2018/19/20) and IV.6 (2021/22).
If you want the latest version (see changelog), please download the English (International) version!


By popular demand, I have just released a Mouldings plugins DEMO version, so you can evaluate them all and, in case, proceed to buy.
The DEMO plugins do all what the full version does, but they have, of course, some limitations. Each time you change a parameter of a Mouldings object, a message shows up, reminding you that you are running the DEMO. You can exit this dialog clicking the link button to this same page (with the chance to buy) or clicking Close. The close button halts execution for 5 seconds, but after that, changes to the object are regularly applied.

Once you will buy the full version, I’ll send you the regular package.
Then you’ll just have to replace the two folders above with the new ones and restart Vectorworks®, no need to edit the workspace again, your saved works will recognise the new plugins seamlessly.


After the payment is confirmed, your download should start immediately.

  1. Unzip the downloaded file (the one appropriate for your Vectorworks Version).
  2. You get the following items:

    Folders ___ Mouldings
            |__ Moulding - Models
    Files   ___ Mouldings plugins IV Manual.pdf
            |__ Mouldings catalog A4 inches.pdf
            |__ Mouldings catalog A4 cm.pdf
            |__ Mouldings catalog Letter inches.pdf
            |__ Mouldings catalog Letter cm.pdf
           	|__ readMe.txt
  3. Move the “Mouldings” folder inside your Vectorworks Plug-ins folder (*)
  4. Move the “Moulding - Models” folder inside Vectorworks Libraries/Defaults folder (*)
  5. Restart Vectorworks.
  6. Edit your workspace adding the (Mouldings) plugins.
    Modify the tool palettes adding the Plugin Objects you find under the "Mouldings" category
    Modify the menu adding the Tool Items you'll find under the "Mouldings" category

(*) You can choose either the Vectorworks® program folder or the Vectorworks® user folder.

Here the official instructions (from help.vectorworks.net) for editing the workspaces:

Here instructions to add / modify tool palettes and tool sets (when adding the plugin objects):
and here instructions to add / modify modify menus and commands (when adding the menu items):

Important note:
Vectorworks® 2018, 2019, 2020 users should replace the file library MouldingsLib contained in Moulding-Models/Cornices with the respective ones contained in the folder Libraries for older Vectorworks® versions.

The MouldingsLib file is a standard Vectorworks® file containing all the profile symbols used throughout all mouldings plugins.
In order for the plugins to load the libraries profiles, the MouldingsLib file has to be in the same version as the plugins are working on, therefore, you must use the one contained in the downloaded folder for your appropriate Vectorworks® installed version.