The moulding plugins are a set of tools that take advantage of the built-in Vectorworks “extrude along path” bringing an easy to learn user interface, a vaste parameter customization and a well furnished Moulding Library (brought here thanks to Matthew Swett who has converted to Vectorworks® polylines and polygons the collection coming from the New England Classic® Molding line).
Despite the “extrude along path”, you can easily edit your creations:

  • create cornices, mouldings, ornaments, elaborate mitre - jointed frames for your doors, panels, paintings etc., following custom paths in plan view or in 3D space...
  • change the path (represented by a line, a polygon / polyline or a NURBS) • set one from 500 and more profiles with just few clicks
  • easily create new profiles for a later use

PDF Manual

An exhaustive manual in PDF format is available to download or consult to get info about installation, usage and customizations.

Note: these plugins comes both in italian and english localisations. You'll find both in the downloaded folder. Just use the language you prefer and follow the installation instructions in the relative PDF manual.

Mouldings plugins PDF manual


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